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Websites for Non-Techies
We support ~ creators ~ researchers ~ dreamers ~ groups of passionate people ~ small, feisty organizations ~ and regional/global social impact networks ~ that are changing the world. We know you are busy with the day to day demands of your mission and purpose. It is hard to find time to build and maintain your online presence. That is why CommunityScape is so simple to use. We are dedicated to creating a point and click web builder for you. No need for tech knowledge. No need for design skills. If you can use social media, you can build and manage your web presence with ease.
To Collaborate & Share
CommunityScape strengthens the fabric of organizations and communities. Every site contains a Profile page with a resource management system to help you organize your world. You can easily create topics and drag and drop websites, documents, video, audio and more into them. Then, you can make your curated resources available across your networks. You can browse others' Profiles and save resources from sources you trust. Resources are always linked to their curators, encouraging knowledge to be shared and validated through trusted networks. As you browse Profiles, you can gather your trusted relationships into your community. Your CommunityScape Profile is a simple and intuitive way to foster collaboration, trust, and knowledge-sharing.
On a Platform You Trust
We have one simple goal in everything we do - support thriving creators, organizations & communities. Everyday we design toward this purpose - focused on substance, meaning, trust and joy. This means we will never exploit your data. There are no ads and no popups. Our features are structured to encourage focus, rather than distraction. Our business model is direct and transparent. You pay an affordable subscription for the service we offer and that pays our team to keep creating and evolving the best product for you.
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